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First and foremost this site is to appease my vanity.

My secondary objective was to chronicle my adventures, memories, and musings from my days playing MMO's in the early years of the genre's creation. I'm not sure I have any further tales to spin, or wax poetic about how rough us old timers had it. Maybe there is another Ultima Online or Everquest yarn left untold, but most of my MMO playing days since late 2004 till around 2010 were spent playing World of Warcraft, and as wonderful as that game is, it lacks the life and magic of the early days of UO or EQ that lend themselves to a good story. So I will consider my secondary objective complete, my journals are here for all to read.

Lastly I wanted to compile an ongoing list of games that I have beaten. A task I have found to be harder than I anticipated because I have forgotten many of the games I have completed. I'm proud of the list so far, it is comprised of many good games. There isn't an order to this list, I just add them as I recall them. Likely the list will be weighted toward newer games as those will be freshest on my memory, however I rack my brain for those old classics that helped shaped my gaming mind.

My new objectives are to explore my ideas of what I think I know and what I do know about gaming. I think community is what will keep our hobby growing and immensely successful. It is my hope that my articles and ideas will inspire and entertain. I do not pretend to have professional or enlightened knowledge of the industry, I am merely a life long gamer who has seen countless levels, made countless characters, and accumulated a fortune in coins, rings, and fruit.

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